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April 23, 2019 (aud. 103i)

09:45 - Start registration

10:15 - Grand opening of the conference
Ruban Ihor (KNURE)

10:30 - Kravchenko Pavlo (Distributed Lab)
"The practice of implementing decentralized systems based on blockchain technology"

11:00 - Manulov Vitalii (IFS Ukraine)
"Modern Enterprise Management Systems"

11:30 - Sikachina Ihor (Chi Software)
"Modern trends in Computer vision / Machine learning"

12:00 - Oguy Oleksiy (GlobalLogic)
"Embedded control systems and their applicability in the modern world"

12:30 - Smelyakov Kyrylo (KNURE)
"The evolution of the architecture of convolutional neural networks in classification problems

13:00 - Completion of planar speeches, the beginning of the sections

16:00 - End of the conference day


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